What is it?

It is a mobile game, I designed it for Impossible s.r.o. at 2005. It is a simple adventure game, based on Stanislaw Lem's The Cyberiad, 1st chapter. A glass man is walking, talking, gives/gets objects, fights.



user guide


Splash screen

Bg color: 171D37. CYBERION text color: F1F1F0, Blue squares: 9AB0C8 (borders: E7DC93) Yellow square vertical position: half-half vertically, you see, color: E7DC93 (no border)

Preload line 505D85 is growing under the "the silent planet" (F1F1F0)

CYBERION text is middle beetween the left side of the screen and the square column left side. "the silent planet" text/loadin line is aligned to left, 2px.

Scene row height: 72px in every resoultion, the horizont line is 19px lower.

Preload finished: full screen white blink.

Load game

The yellow square goes round and round cyclic.

The colors are D5C980 (yellow) and 67779C (blue), the background is #010C18.



About the different mobile types: every mobile uses same images, then it'll be cropped to the proper size. If the screen h is higher, doesn't matter, because it will be tileable stuff up and down. The ratio of the active image is 4/3.


The program will import data.xls to arrays (Check the 3 subpages) It will be converted to csv or something Java likes, of course. This is the full data structure, I thing. Description (what can not be clear)


North, East...: if you goes North, East..., you go to that Scene (e.g. if you go from the Road to East, you go to the Tower)

Open, Have: if you go to E(ast), and you dont have Object 3 (Key), it can't allowed, and writes Otherwise. If you have (Key), allow to go.

AtNorth, AtEast...: the name of the building from the building dircetory, if exists.


Place: if it is 0, it means it is in the inventory. There will be a special object, food, it increases the energy by 1.

Appearance: there will be about 4 pieces, 1 is the food, 2 is a dot (key...), 3 is a line (for sword, ladder,...) , 4 is a square, 5 is a circle.

KillFrom, KillTo: if you fight a creature with Id between KillFrom and KillTo, it gives to you the Strength of the creature * 1,5 at this battle. (e.g.: dragon and Dragonsword, insects and insect killer,...)


Attack: if a random number 1-10 is less or equal to it, it attacks you as you arrive. And if you go to same way, and it is not 0, and you try to go to same way he is, he attacks you. (It means you must kill him if you want to go towards there)

Answer: if you ask, he answers this.

Get/Give/Say: if you give to him a "Get" object, he gives to you a "Give" object, and he says "Say".


There will be a single rule, it puts "building/" + Resource + ".png", to the proper - written in Where - place.


Very easy: batman style :) It means, if I attack, my man stars to go towards the enemy, then a random big "Boom-Crash-Bang" appears on black screen, then back to the screen, and a -1 and a -5 flies up from my and his head (means how mutch energy losts) Your Strength is the greatest strength from the objects you have, or if KillFrom, KillTo exists, see Data/Object part in this text.

Fight calculates:

his energy -= Random(beetween 0 and your Strength);
your energy -= Random(beetween 0 and his Strength);

Pause (dropped out)

It is a kind of big moment, what is beetween two Scene. If a you go to N(orth) form Scene 22 and the file "moment/mm22N.png" exists, it loads a full screen image, and only after then jumps to the next scene. If it happends, 1 voice of a piano is played. "Tiiiiinnngggg" :) It is played only first times.


Left button is the default button. It is Talk at default. The right is the Menu, it brings up the menupoints: Attack, Pick Up, Put down, Explore.


Save/Load game - only 1 file is enough -, Quit


It is the exact description how to build up the screen, you don't have to calculate, measure or find out anything. As yous see on the examples, these's a filling, and there's a 4/3 ratio active screen, a white line at up and at down.

We build up the screen in the largest resultion - 240x176 is the largest screen, so 240x180 is the active screen, because 240/4*3 = 180. So we need a 240x180 bitmap for the active screen. (Of course if the mobile screen ration is wider than 4/3 - as 240x176 is, for example -, then it will be cropped up and down, and there won't be any screen.png/white line: it is okay.)

1. Fill it horizontally with background.png
2. Draw road lines (#667093)

if (road to N)
  Line(106, 89, 102, 93); Line(133, 89, 137, 93);
  PutBitmap(107, 76, "roadN.png");
  Line(102, 93, 137, 93);

if (road to S)
  Line(85, 110, 66, 129); Line(154, 110, 173, 129);
  PutBitmap(62, 130, "roadSW.png");
  PutBitmap(174, 130, "roadSE.png");
  Line(85, 110, 154, 110);

if (road to W)
  Line(0, 93, 102, 93);
  Line(0, 110, 85, 110);
  Line(102, 93, 85, 110);

if (road to E)
  Line(137, 93, ScreenW, 93);
  Line(154, 110, ScreenW, 110);
  Line(137, 93, 154, 110);

Here is an example if there are roads to N, S, W.

3. Buildings can be at E, W and N. (white signs doesn't appear) N building is aligned horizontally to center.

if (AtNorth)
  PutBitmap(120 - BuildingW div 2, 90 - BuildingH, "building/" + AtNorth + ".png");
if exist(AtEast)
  PutBitmap(159, 106 - BuildingH, "building/" + AtEast + ".png");
if (AtWest)
  PutBitmap(81 - BuildingW, 106 - BuildingH, "building/" + AtWest + ".png");

Here is an example if AtEast = something.

(W, E changed: W: 5 px left and 5 px up, E: 5 px right and 5 px up. PutBitmap-s are correct, the example image isn't)

4. Creatures can be at E and W. (yellow signs doesn't appear) Creature.Resource contains the name of the creature.

The filename is: "creature/" + Resource + "W.png" or ..."E.png". For example, there is a "man" at west, so a "creature/manW.png" is exist (see: We need it, because more creature must be same creature image (yes, because of the memory limit :)

if exist(Where = "E")
  PutBitmap(136, 107 - CreatureH, "creature/" + Resource + ".png");
if exist(Where = "W")
  PutBitmap(104 - CreatureW, 107 - CreatureH, "creature/" + Resource + ".png");

Here is an example if Where = "W".

5. Wear. Same place, same way.

6. Object: if the name of the object is "Food", then a food.png, otherwise an object.png appears. The position comes from the oddness of Place variable (the actual scene) If it is odd, put it to 94, 106, if it is even, put it to 134, 106.

7. Coming in: The man scrolls from the proper place (N, S, W, E) to the center (x: 110, y: 76) by 8 steps (If there is a creature the place the man comes - at the example yes, because of the yellow creature -, just by 5 steps). Every step is 1 px, if he comes from N or S, and 2 pixel, if he comes from W or E. At the first image is darked with dark.png (see: intro)

Going out: scrolls towards the proper way, but in just 4 steps (If there is a creature the place the man goes to, just by 5 steps). The last image is darked with dark.png

Use the proper image for the man - manN.png, if he goes to N, ...

8. Copy to Phone Screen

a.) fill with screen.png the whole screen
b.) copy this area from the drawn screen to the vertical center of the mobile screen:

w = PhoneW;
if (PhoneH > PhoneW) h = w; else h = (PhoneW div 4) * 3;
x = (180 - PhoneW) div 2;
y = 96 - 96 / 240 * h;

// !!! so all y building/object/.. positions increased by 24 px.
// (original was y = 72 - 72 / 180 * h;)

(y calculation is important, because I want the horizont line at same ratio place in every resoultion)

c.) Draw a white (#FFFFFF) line above and under it