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the beginning
some Commodore VC-20 sprites
I was 9 years old
2024 -      Ultinous   u-query team   ui  design
2015 - 2023   Morgan Stanley   bmet team   ui/ux  design  dev
2012 - 2013    Kürt Zrt   r&d team   ui/ux  design
             and more
        my cv >
this unique dictionary uses artificial intelligence
to show linguistic relations of various words
my ai startup >
big data app for log analysis, Kürt Zrt
continuous fun and lovely view of Törökugrató
demo >        screenshots >   interface >
tag selector >  in the  Literature history >
word selection >  in the  dictionary >
size and the sylization >  emphasize hierarchy better
my calendar >  How many days until ...?      Cyberion >
Literature history >  with Onagy Zoltán
responsive site from an idea
Wave version >
Topsy-turvy Quarry >   personal blog         old version >
Zoli’s movie >   portal for my friends
Bandi writes about Android >   10k visitors
referred on  index.hu >
Kürt Cloud
interface design for Kürt Zrt
screenshot >   details >
interface >
game design
Cyberion. Ancient Nokia game for impossible.cz
based on Stanislav Lem’s The Cyberiad
characters >
game structure >   in Figma >
for the dictionary >
inspiration is Mr Jozefát by Nagy-Koppány Zsolt
original Neudice >
hanja version > for ELTE
A bojtos sapkás odamegy >   "The one in bobble hat goes there"
My first and last but one book. Coming soon.
Cover pays tribute to sci-fi pulp covers
and Hungarian "Cheap Library"
Adobe Animate
bird >  breathes >      drawing >
it takes three months
well >
3d graphics   1998 A.D.
The Cyberiad >   illustrations for the book
                 Barion meets with Quartz Knight
Serpentina >   from E. T. A. Hoffmann: The Golden Pot
Navigator >   for BK Fan Page and old Neudice
from "Oversaturates, and I allow him" series
water >   series
ground >   printable resolution
  lake >   touch >   sky >
wushu Budapest >   the athlete is  Luo Hong > at Shichahai
I had been studying there
marble sculptures >   this one is Amun
my relatives >   family tree
manual drawing
for the book, soft pastel painting
cover >   illustrations >
"Umbrellas require driving license" and JC >
folk dancers >   pen, bad versions
pixel art
rattlesnake >   oldtimer >
these are very old pictures, from 1997
virtuart and startdesign
programming >   html css php mysql flash   unicum.hu, for real
I’ve learned a lot from designers there. Thank you,
Takács Barnabás, Werderits "Pepe" Ádám,
Seybold Balázs, Viski Tamás †
....... .
at your own risk
BK fan page >   interviewed by "Számít a technika" broadcast
Som Dream >   Kohonen Self Organizing Map application for Win95
Glass World >   chat for my students   design php mysql flash
Students’ portal >   tuft figure for it >  

Esterházy Péter >   part of the legacy
puppet >   Michaela Bartoňová - Antonín Müller
korb >  organ builder
article about Keekaboo >   Péter and Pali. Dutch startup, we were printing free postcards, sponsored by companies
dragon >  lego figure
windmill >
Neudice presentation >  at ELTE Gólyavár
Techshow 2013 >  at Gödör
Researcher's Night >  at EKTF
And a video >  at MMO, Balaton Múzeum – ”I had discussed with a linguist colleague, he said that is the way they appear in the human brain. I said I know, but we can't say that! Because I must speak to people of human science, it frightens them. Terminology should not be like this.”
a small gift at the end, in the end. If you want to learn English in a unique way, print this  two > sided >  page.
How is it working? Part of the quiz.

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